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  • 5 Best basic tools for car repairs

    Posted on August 21st, 2015 admin No comments

    When repairing cars you want the right tool for the job. The best is a fully stocked garage full of professional tools, lifts for access and good lighting to properly complete any repair job. Most car owners, however, won’t have a professional setup. For the average car owner that may or may not have mechanical tendencies, there are some tools that are invaluable for common repairs.


    I kid you not. In emergencies situations or in trying to figure out where a leak is coming from under your car, lighting is essential. A handheld torch, or plug in LED trouble light makes life much easier when troubleshooting problems and making repairs.

    Repair manual

    There’s many companies that distribute repair manuals for every make and model of car in existence. Each car is different and even models from different years can have differences in where key components are located. Chapters on bleeding brake lines, changing spark plugs and other routine maintenance tasks can be found in these books and knowing that information up front saves hours worth of time.

    Crescent wrench

    Although crescent wrenches can round the heads of tight bolts, they are invaluable if you only have space for a few tools in your glove box. This is the ultimate multi-tool when it comes to wrenches and is a necessity when putting together a small kit for car repair.


    There are times when you need a pair of pliers. Needle noses pliers are more for specialty needs, go with a medium size regular pair of pliers to cover most of your pliers needs.

    Screw driver

    A multi head screwdriver is obviously the best and serves the same role as a crescent wrench. A car has a lot of parts, and a good chuck of panels, headlamps and the like are attached with screws.