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  • How to Choose the Ultimate Workbench for Your Garage or Workshop

    Posted on July 22nd, 2015 admin No comments

    A workbench is the heart of any garage or work station. So, it is important that you know what to consider when choosing the best model. Let us go ahead and take a quick look at a few of the main concepts to keep in mind.

    The Right Size

    You will first need to measure the work area in question. Not only must it be able to accommodate the bench, but you should have at least one half of a metre of space on all sides so that you will be able to move freely and manipulate larger tools.

    The Height

    Many online resources emphasise the fact that the workbench should be adjustable in terms of its height. While you never want to stoop down when performing a task, it is just as true that there are times when the bench needs to be lowered in order to apply downward pressure. So, a bench that is adjustable is often the best option.


    It is a good idea to opt for a workbench that offers you ample room for storage. This is most often in the form of sliding drawers, but some benches will come equipped with pegboards. This is a great option if you wish to access any tools regularly and without any hindrances.