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  • The Best Work Lights for the Mechanic

    In the business of car repair, seeing is indeed believing. Even performing the most basic of tasks requires that you have safe and effective lighting installed within your garage. However, one size does not necessarily fit all. What are some of the best choices and what advantages can they offer?

    LED Lighting

    The main benefit of overhead LED fixtures is that they are able to supply you with a clean and crisp source of light. As they generate little heat, much less power will be consumed; an obvious concern if you are under a limited budget. Finally, LED lights will last significantly longer than their more traditional counterparts.

    A Mechanic Work Light

    You are likely already familiar with this type of portable lighting. It generally consists of a bulb that is contained within a tubular housing. A protective grille will help ensure that the bulb does not break while a hook on the of the unit allows it to be hung in a variety of locations. This is a great alternative when working underneath the chassis, as even bright LED lights may not provide you with enough visibility. Be certain that the cord is long enough and that there is a built-in fuse for safety reasons.


    If you are concerned about any of these lights breaking, you can always choose models that contain shatterproof lenses. While these will be a bit more expensive, you will be provided with a peace of mind in knowing that the fixture will last for an extremely long time. As before, it is always recommended to shop around in order to find the specific model that you require.